Gas Range

Now that we have natural gas in the house, our next priority (after the furnace) was to install a gas range.  The electric range worked OK, and was practically new, but we both prefer gas cooking.  I found this new (still in the box) GE gas range on Craig’s List and installed it in place of the electric range.  Certainly nothing fancy, but it matches our other GE kitchen appliances.  Some day we’d like to do a complete kitchen remodel.

There was only a single, 240VAC 40amp electrical outlet in this space, so I had to run a new 120VAC circuit and install a new outlet.  This task was pretty easy since the basement is unfinished and there’s plenty of access for running electrical wiring.  I also ran a new outlet to the fireplace in the living room for a gas insert (future upgrade).

The electric range sold on Craig’s List for slightly more than the gas range, so as it turned out, the upgrade cost us nothing.

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