Oh no! Calvin got his tractor stuck in the mud.  And yes, this is the same tractor as shown below in the Working Man post.  This tractor is located at the Seattle Zoo, and Calvin loves it.


California Visit

Mid June we hopped in the car and drove down to California to celebrate Emily’s 30th birthday, do some wine tasting, and hang out with Joel’s family.  Here are a few select Calvin shots from our trip.


And here’s a quick video of Calvin running around Lake Siskiyou… well he ran part of the way, not the entire 6 miles.


Touch A Truck

We headed down to the Touch A Truck event at Magnuson Park today.  Cool event, and the name pretty much says it all.  Calvin had a great time.  The only negative aspect were the lines: approximate 30 minutes wait to get behind the wheel of any vehicle, which is tough for little ones to understand.