Road Nap

Calvin is no match for car noise and his comfy new seat. We are headed to Eugene to enjoy yet another wonderful Thanksgiving with Joel’s clan.



Our porch is showing signs of rot, so we decided it is time to replace it.  At the same time, we wanted to replace the front stairs as they were looking a bit tired, and we really wanted to do away with the green and go with natural wood.  Mike flew out from Colorado to help with the project… we started with the stairs since that was the more difficult task and as of this publishing, we haven’t started on the porch replacement yet due to cold, rain, and lack of time.  But the stairs are done and they came out great (we used cedar).  And we get plenty of positive comments about our blue LED tread lights.

Wobbly Robot

Calvin started walking yesterday (2-Nov-2011). We call this one the wobbly robot. Not his best effort — he’s done longer and more stable walks, but not with a camera running. We’ll post more shortly, but for now, enjoy 19 seconds of the wobbly robot.