La Conner

Margaret (aka Nana) came up for a visit the weekend of August 20.  We took a drive up to La Conner on Sunday since she had never been.  Below are a couple of shots.




Minnesota Visit

Calvin’s first visit to the farm, which coincided with the biannual Nelson reunion in Minnesota took place at the end of July.  It was a muggy visit, and Margaret couldn’t make it due to an unfortunate attack to her dog (Bailey is doing fine now), but Bea and Andy were great hosts as we took it easy in Litchfield.

During our visit Calvin mastered his crawling skills, and popped out his first two teeth.  Unfortunately the latter resulted in a fair amount of lost sleep for those of us in “the North room…”  The price we pay for efficient mastication I suppose.

Here are a few photos of Calvin during our trip.  More can be found on our SmugMug site.